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Health & Safety

Dancevbz takes seriously their responsibility to ensure the safety of their pupils and carers. All pupils must complete a Registration Form when joining the school with clear information regarding next of kin, emergency contacts and any relevant medical history. •

A copy of emergency contact numbers will be kept with staff on any hired premises.

Employment of freelance dancers will only be made with evidence of appropriate qualification, experience and relevant checks made.

.All staff and volunteer helpers will have an enhanced criminal record check.

Pupils will be supervised during class time only and parents/cares must ensure the safety of their children in waiting, changing and toilet areas.

Regular assessment of risks regarding premises hired will be made and any concerns raised with the providers.

Outside play equipment at hired premises is to be used strictly under the supervision and at own risk.

In case of a Fire emergency, a clear understanding of responsibilities must be understood by all.

Fire extinguishers and clear guidelines for use must be visually available.

Sharnbrook Gym – Fire Assembly point

Rushden, Park Road, Methodist Hall




A first Aid box will be available at all hired premises, in case of an emergency an accident/incident report must be made and a copy given to the parent/carer. Cold packs to be available for use along with other first aid equipment. Head information advice can be obtained if appropriate.

All children will be advised to stay inside the premises until collected by a responsible adult. Teachers will ensure children have been collected by a responsible adult, before leaving at the end of the session.

Please speak to Cara or Sarah if you have any concerns regarding the Health and Safety of your child.